Cllr Cefin Campbell, executive board member responsible for third sector/volunteering, presented Brittany Alsop-Bingham with the Carmarthenshire’s 500 hours certificate with Marie Mitchell, Chief Officer at CAVS as his role as exec board covers third sector / volunteering.  Youth honoured for more than 500 hours volunteering 500x328 brittany alsop bingham

A young person from Garnant has become the first in the county to be honoured for volunteering more than 500 hours.
Brittany Alsop-Bingham, aged 20, was presented with the first Carmarthenshire’s 500 hour Youth Volunteering Certificate.
The award was launched at the Carmarthenshire Youth Council (CYC) 2018 Annual General Meeting.
The certificate recognises Brittany’s commitment to share the most precious of resources – her time – to make a difference in the county and her great generosity has had a profound and lasting impact on children and young people in Carmarthenshire.
Brittany has volunteered her time with Carmarthenshire Youth Council, she has been chairperson for the past three years and has lead on the planning of the Youth Conference and other events.
CYC chairperson Brittany Alsop-Bingham said: “I feel very honoured to be awarded with Carmarthenshire’s 500 hours Certificate. I feel I have gained a number of skills volunteering with Carmarthenshire Youth Council and my role as chair has increased my confidence with public speaking and my communication skills. I would encourage everyone to volunteer.”
Executive board member for education and children’s services, Cllr Glynog Davies, said: “Brittany has shown great dedication in giving up more than 500 hours of her time to help out with Carmarthenshire Youth Council. This award is just a token of our appreciation for her time and I would like to thank her for this, although I’m sure that during her volunteering Brittany has learnt and gained a lot from her experiences.”
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