Round £1 coins are on their way out – and from October 15, you’ll no longer be able to use them to make purchases in shops, supermarkets, vending machines and even car parks as they lose their legal tender status.

The phase out has been taking place since the new £1 coin was launched on March 28, this means time is running out for consumers to spend them before the time runs out.

After October 15, those who find themselves still in possession of any round ones will have to head to their local bank, building society or post office to have them switched or banked. Most will also only agree to do so if you’re an account holder.

So now is the time to make sure you have checked every money box, the bottom of your handbags and checked in on your loved one’s to make sure they are not collecting them for a rainy day.


When does the old £1 coin expire? You have less than a fortnight left to cash in round Pounds before they become void. Screenshot 2017 10 04 23

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