Using a mobile while operating a vehicle can cause distraction, potentially resulting in serious injury or death. Tackling this issue is a priority across Wales.

The four Welsh police forces supported by the Safety Camera Partnership, Go Safe will undertake activity led by South Wales Police to educate and prevent drivers putting themselves and other road users at risk by using a mobile phone whilst driving.

During the last All Wales Mobile Phone campaign coordinated by Gwent Police in November 2016, 199 drivers were stopped and found to be breaking the law.

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  • Josi Newton

    I see loads of drivers on their mobile phone every time i go out. Need more police employed to tackle this major problem.

  • Angela Sacco

    I’ve just witnessed an old man driving in the middle of the road on the bypass in cardigan! Maybe he was on his mobile phone! I have his registration number and will be reporting him for dangerous driving!

  • Margaret James

    So he wasn’t wearing it then!!lol

  • Patricia Parrott

    Past loads of drivers on their phones whilst on holidays in the Cotswolds a chap driving a blue mcclaren at a very fast speed on the alder ton road last evening

  • Arwyn Powell

    People should never ever use a mobile device whilst Driving at all it’s potentially Dangerous even when my touch screen phone ring’s that person either leaves a message or its pull in somewhere Safe! !!!!!

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