Schoolchildren appeal for school crossing patroller tycroes press pic

Tycroes primary schoolchildren are on a mission to find a new lollipop person to help them cross the road safely.

Pupils have been without a school crossing patrol since last April.

The school sprung into action with the help of the council’s road safety team and launched a design a banner competition to help attract interest.

The banner is draped over the school gates and the children hope those that pass the gates will be encouraged to apply for the position.

The council’s executive board member for transport, Cllr Hazel Evans said: “The pupils decided they wanted to get involved in an appeal for a school crossing patrol and this competition was a perfect opportunity for them to do that.

“We’re now hoping that the banner will encourage people to come forward and apply for the post as the children are desperate to have someone to assist them across the road safely on the way to and from school. Fingers crossed people will see the effort that the children have put in to have a school crossing patroller once again.”

The winning entry was Year 2 pupil, Ava Beck and the runners up were Year 4’s Aliyah Beck and Year 1 Jada Findlay. Entries were judged by the council’s road safety team and Cllr Tina Higgins. Each received a road safety goody bag.

Patrols are also being sought for Kidwelly, Drefach and Ffairfach schools as well as casuals to cover many areas across the county.

School crossing patrols are allowed to stop traffic for anyone wishing to cross the road so long as they are operating at their approved site and within their authorised hours of duty. When they display their stop sign, motorists must stop. If they do not, they are breaking the law and will be reported. They can face a £1,000 fine and a minimum of 3 penalty points on their licence.


Even where a School Crossing Patrol is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their children’s safety.

You can help the School Crossing Patrol by:

  • Teaching your child to wait on the pavement and follow instructions.
  • Teaching your child to cross in front of the School Crossing Patrol.
  • Making sure your child behaves sensibly and does not distract the School Crossing Patrol.
  • Setting a good example yourself






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