More than 1,000 schoolchildren in Carmarthenshire have been learning about road-side safety.

In the last year the children have been shown how to spot safe places to cross roads and improve their skills to stay safe on the highway.

The Kerbcraft training scheme is delivered by the council’s road safety unit and funded by the Welsh Government.

The three-month scheme provides children with key skills and knowledge to safely cross the roads.

It is anticipated that a further 1,000 children will go through the Kerbcraft training this year.

All children who have completed the training programme are presented with certificates by safety mascot, Gary GoSafe and staff.

Richmond ParkPrimary School isjust one of many schools that have taken part in the pedestrian training.

The council’s head of transport, Steve Pilliner said: “The Kerbcraft pedestrian training scheme is invaluable as it instils the importance of road safety at an early age and ultimately saves lives.”

For further information on the Kerbcraft pedestrian training programme please contact one of the Pedestrian Training Co-ordinators, Karen John 01267 228291 / Alex McDowall 01267 228289

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