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A Llanelli man has been fined after dumping bags of glass bottles in a supermarket car park.

Nigel David Pike, of Llys Alys, admitted depositing two black bin bags in front of a glass recycling bank in Llanelli’s Morrison store.

In a prosecution led by Carmarthenshire Council, Llanelli Magistrates heard that on Sunday July 17 last year, enforcement officers spotted the 59-year-old leaving the bottles on the floor despite a sign warning not to do so. As Pike got into his car the officers approached him and pointed out the signage and he went back and placed the bottles in the holes at the top of the bin.  When questioned by officers Pike said he thought the bins were padlocked and that he didn’t know that he was to place the bottles into the holes even though he had just used them without instruction.

He was fined £75 and must pay £30 victim surcharge.

The council’s executive board member for public protection, Cllr Philip Hughes said: “The banks are there for a purpose and should be used accordingly. It’s not on when someone dumps their rubbish outside it expecting someone else to clear up. There is a sign in that location clearly stating not to leave items for recycling around the container. We will continue to take action against anyone who is caught littering. It’s quite simple, dispose litter correctly or pick up a fine.”

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