Cyngor da gan yr NCA am broblem gynyddol #sextortion. Peidiwch bod ofn na a chywilydd i riportio sextortion 📞 yr heddlu ar 101 neu 999 os yw’n argyfwng. Bydd eich adroddiad yn cael ei drin yn gyfrinachol gan bobl broffesiynnol all helpu chi.
Good advice from the NCA about the growing issue of #sextortion. Don’t be scared or too embarrassed to report it 📞 police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Your report will be treated in confidence by professionals that can help you.

#Sextortion has destroyed too many lives. Please share this advice – help us reach potential victims and let them know they’re not alone.

1/4 If you have been a victim of #sextortion, do not panic.The police and ISP will take your report seriously and in confidence.

2/4 Don’t communicate further with the criminals but don’t delete them.

3/4 Do not pay. The criminals want money and there’s no reason for them not to ask for more.

4/4 Preserve the evidence. We’ll need it to ID and locate the offenders.

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